legal issues

Resolution of legal issues in multiple jurisdictions

    ILA will effectively resolve international disputes in the interest of our clients by
bringing together renowned capabilities in international law, litigation and arbitration, ALI attorneys act as counsel, advisors, and arbitrators, serving our clients’ interests wherever in the world they are engaged, and wherever on the dispute spectrum they lie, be it negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

We handle a wide range of international matters, including contractual, commercial, technology, energy, trade and investment disputes, corporate and partnership disputes, banking, defamation, insurance and reinsurance, professional negligence issues, and cross-border tracing of assets and enforcement of awards and judgments. ILA attorneys will help the client with Structuring, negotiating, and documenting international commercial transactions, including advising as to appropriate choices of law and forum, and effective arbitration clauses. Addressing complex legal issues arising under private and public international law in connection with such disputes as applicable law, provisional measures, sovereign immunity, and rights and liabilities of states and persons under international treaties, as well as confidentiality, competing counter- and cross-claims, act of state doctrine, expropriation, and valuation of damages, are the types of activities that may arise in the coarse of representation.