Contractual Drafting

International contractual drafting and interpretation

    At ILA, we recognize that negotiating, designing and implementing business contracts is complex and requires a strategic approach. A host of international treaties & agreements have added a new complexity to international business transactions. It is important to be fully aware of the risks, your obligations locally and internationally, and your rights. A well-negotiated and drafted contract will not only ensure effectiveness but mitigate risk and minimize the possibility of needing to use dispute resolution processes. ILA attorneys represent our client’s best interests in these maters.

      When drafting contracts, ILA attorneys consider our clients goals first and foremost. Business plans must be reviewed, financing options considered, taxation issues addressed, applicable import and export compliance issues resolved and exit strategies considered and introduced.

    International treaties, governing laws and contractual regulations must be reviewed to avoid delays and costly impacts to the business agreement. ILA attorneys can resolve and avoid business delays and disputes through diligent research and considered mitigation approaches that will enhance the International business relationship and allow continued success and growth for all parties to the contractual agreement.